How To Data Recovery Services From A Formatted Hard Drive?

As a reminder, if you have formatted your hard drive from scratch, you will not be able to recover your data under any circumstances. Start by downloading and installing Recover it on your computer. Take care not to install it on the formatted hard disk, which could alter the Data Recovery Services to be recovered.

To do this, before clicking on the “Install” button, click on “Customize the installation” at the bottom right, and indicate the access path to a directory on the unformatted disk. Click “Install”. At the end of the installation procedure, click “Finish”. If Recover it does not launch automatically, start it manually from the icon that appeared on the desktop. 

You access a home interface listing the different directories, disks and devices that the software can analyze and Data Recovery Services. In the “Hard disks” category, select the formatted disk, then click on “Start”.

Recover it automatically launches a deep scan of the formatted drive. You follow the status of the scan in real time thanks to the progress bar. The central area displays all the elements found, while the left column lists the different paths to the recoverable files according to the file systems detected.

Once the scan is complete, you can search for a file by entering all or part of its name in the search field at the top right.

To see more clearly, you can also sort the results by format. In the left column, click on the “File type” tab. Your data is classified by categories: graphic, video, audio, document, e-mail, database , web files , archive, miscellaneous, without extension.

Before recovering your Facebook data, you can check its contents using the preview module. Select the file to study in the central area to display its general properties in the right panel. Then click the “Preview” button.

If you need to recover hundreds of data, better to do it on the fly. Just check the boxes next to the items you want to back up. To recover all the files of the same format, check the corresponding boxes in the “File type” tab in the left column.

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