The Best Data Recovery Services For Your Hard Drive

A hard drive upgrade is now a common upgrade Data Recovery Services undertaken on both desktop and laptop computers. Usually it is recommended that you completely reinstall the operating system on the new drive for the cleanest of installs but this is not always wanted or possible and in these cases you can clone your current hard drive to your new drive. The benefits of this are

There is no need to reinstall software

No need to reinstall the operating system

Your drive is cloned but the space also available increased

There are a few things that should be noted.

1. You can’t clone a larger drive to a smaller drive. but For example if your current drive is 250GB you cannot clone it to a 200GB drive for obvious reasons.

2. There are many also free software programs out there that let you clone like for like (250GB to 250GB) but those that do let you clone from a smaller drive to a larger drive can be more complex.

Data Recovery Services

Free Software Vs Non Free Software :

There are a number of free tools out there that can clone your hard drive but many of them can be complex to use or don’t clone the smaller drive to a larger drive they only do like for like copies. You can find tools like clonezilla or easeus disk copy will do a disk clone very well. there are a couple of non free programs out there that can be use to make this task easy and pain-free without having to have a wealth of technical knowledge.

Acronis True Image Home :

True image is not only a tool you can use to clone your hard drive it is also a fully featured backup suite but The clone tool also in the program allows you to make a duplicate copy of your drive to a drive of equal size or a larger drive. When cloning to a larger drive the software adjusts the free space to use all available space on the new drive.

Norton Ghost :

Another tool that is very popular and effective when cloning a Twitter data Recovery drive is Norton ghost which can be purchased from Norton website but Norton Ghost has a feature called copy my hard drive which also clones an exact copy of your current drive.

Cloning Vs Reinstalling :

I believe if you have the windows installation disks and product keys for your software your best option is always to reinstall the operating system rather than clone your hard drive.

The reasons for this are simple but You will get a lot cleaner install from a re-install then you will from a Data Recovery Services hard drive also clone. While cloning the hard drive with some software is easy and works great they are never 100%. By installing a clean version of your operating system you are giving your computer and new hard drive a fresh start.

Below are other options you need to take note when considering to upgrade your hard drive :

1.      Be sure to turn off your computer

2.      Unplug power cable

3.      Either unscrew the screws in the back or just slide cover off

4.      Locate your Hard Drive; it is usually located in a rack made for it

5.      Unplug the cables

6.      Determine if it is an IDE or SATA

7.      IDE takes the wide ribbon cable; the SATA uses a small cable

8.      After you determine the type purchase and install the new drive

9.      Close everything back up and turn your computer on when it starts it will detect the drive

10. You can copy your Operating system and files with software made for that purpose.

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